Why are iPhones So Popular?

Since its first unveiling, iPhones have maintained a healthy lead in the smartphone market. Even with newer flagships coming out, brands still find themselves in competition with iPhones. Although Apple recorded a drop in market share in 2021 Q2, iPhones are not going anywhere any time soon, rallying back to a 37% market share of 5G-capable smartphones. But why are iPhones so popular? 

iPhones are popular in the premium smartphone category since they constantly address customer pain points. Improved battery life-up to 36hrs, powerful Bionic processors, cutting-edge design, and improved security maintains iPhone’s popularity.

Other factors like regular updates, cross-device system integration, and scattered competition in Android devices. 

Is the iPhone better than Android?

The iPhone versus Android debate has raged for years. It has spurred innovation, legal battles, and sales comparisons. However, it all worked out for consumers on both sides. iPhone might be better than Android if you are specific about some features.

Is the iPhone better than Android? iPhone vs Samsung galaxy s22 plus

Here we look at some features that make iPhone outstanding among Androids;

Security and privacy

The security features in iPhones are known to be the best. The recent iPhone models require fingerprint or facial authentication to protect the user’s information. A good example is the Face ID feature that helps you log into the phone with a 3D scan of your face. This is a unique feature that is not found in other phones. However, this feature has been adopted in high-end Samsung with a 2D iris scan Face scan that helps to log in to your phone.

Also, encryption for iMessage makes the iPhone safer than android phones. It has through screening for users and stringent policies that prevent the phone from downloading the wrong apps. 

The features make it strong for penetrating viruses and malware. Technological advancements create an environment that is constrained. The apple app store is stricter, and the permissions for apps are more controlled. Neither iPhone nor androids are strange to malware attacks or cyber scams, but Iphones respond better to security breaches.

Regarding the camera, for android, you need to activate the security, whereas, for iPhone, you can directly access it without a password or face id. In fact, the current iPhone 14 pro has an integrated AI that can help in Crash Detection and call for help when you can’t.

Fast processors

The processors in iPhones work faster than those in androids phones like Samsung. Apple makes its processors and has full control over the speed of the microprocessor. Its well integrated with its fast operating system and can process high graphics performance compared to its competitors. 

The apple company keeps improving the chip designs to improve the new phones’ performance (currently with A16 Bionic- 5 core CPU on new iPhone 14s). The processor chips are designed for a specific smartphone. It’s good to mention some phone manufacturers have produced even better processors. However, still, the androids lag behind since the manufacturers haven’t cracked a way to integrate the android system for better-faster performance.

Regular IOS updates

IOS has regular updates when you need them. The iPhones keep on addressing the iPhone security and performance issues with regular system updates compared to android phones that only address the security issues.

The android phones are not fast enough to update the older phones, while iPhones are timely to bring about the updates that enhance security. The updates are important because they come with new features and security enhancements. The iPhone updates are streamlined so that it’s almost compatible with earlier iPhones; they keep the consumer updated, unlike the android phone.

Games and apps are usually launched on iOS before they are on android phones. The hardware is consistent, and they are not versions or itinerant versions of the real ones. 

In most cases, androids like Samsung, Sony, and Motorola get their updates from google. It thus makes their updating process less efficient than the iPhones. 

The ecosystem

Because Apple products have their own interface, they work together. The iPhone and other Apple products can link together. 

The phone works seamlessly with other Apple products such as iPad Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple tv. The devices are in sync, and the data is available through iCloud. 

The system is a family-sharing feature with a family photo album. It also has iTunes, Apple Books, Apple Card, Apple Music, and App Store. Most apps required to access Apple services are preinstalled, which is not the case with Google services. The iPhone also has financial services in Apple Pay and games.  

Samsung has to rely on Google for apps and services. Samsung phones do not have native apps compared to iPhones. 

Software and hardware integration

The iPhone has better software-hardware blending that makes the phone work faster. Apple manufactures both the hardware and software for themselves, making optimization easier. 

The core functions of a phone, like calling, system navigation, and web browsing, are more reliable in the iPhone because the operating system and the hardware are connected.

The integration in iPhones requires that the software and hardware be optimized. Because Samsung does not control all the experience, its processes may not be optimized. It relies on Google for Android, Chrome for OS, Processor from Qualcomm, and Microsoft for windows.   

User Friendly

iPhones are far easier to use than Android phones. Despite the improvements since its inception, it has remained the same. The user interface is basic and simple to use. Customers prefer the iPhone because it is easier to navigate through. For a new user, there are tips to help you with the features. The Apple mobile phone devices have the same experiences. Not tech-savvy people can easily use the phone since the interface is user-friendly.

The operating system is simple and makes the phone easy to use. The settings are straightforward and don’t need a lot of customization. On the homepage, the icons are well organized and not hidden. Although Android, like Samsung, has made better improvements in the last few years with UI 3.0, IOS still offers a better user experience than Android.  


The iPhone design is sleek and sophisticated. It has a unique appearance compared to most android phones, which has offered a competitive advantage over other phones. The iPhone is made as an innovatively superior luxury product.  

Some android phones, such as Samsung S22, are as attractive as iPhone 13 and 14, whose designs are orderly and clear. For example, iPhone 13/14 Pro Max is elegant with a glassy look due to the stainless steel rails and frosted glass back, while the Samsung comes in a matte plastic back. 

Additionally, the ceramic shielding that covers the iPhone 13/14 is more durable than the strengthened glass displays that cover the android, like the Samsung Galaxy S21.


The Apple company is always ready to help you if you have a problem with your iPhone. The retail locations are designed to be welcoming, with staff that are ready to solve any issues you might have. 

Apple stores are well known for their excellent and readily available customer service compared to the competitors. 

You can get useful information on the Apple website or schedule an appointment with the technician. They will direct you to an authorized service centre if you need phone repairs. They will also enable you to upgrade the device with IOS upgrades for five years. 

Why do iPhones outperform androids?

iPhones perform considerably better than android phones. The iPhone processors are better than those of Samsung. This is because the operating system is efficient and does not need a lot of resources to run. 

Although Samsung might do better on its hardware, the integration of its processors makes it perform less seamlessly than the iPhones. 

The iPhones have been known to have superior processors than Samsung for a long time. The new Pro models have storage of 1TB, so it is powered to deal with a heavy workload. Samsung S21 Ultra has a storage capacity of 512GB. 

Performance is not determined by the specs only but by the processors. The iPhone’s processors are superior to Qualcomm’s Samsung processors.

What makes the iPhone so uniquely desirable?

The iPhone is one of the biggest phone brands in the world. The following are the reasons why it outperforms all the other smartphones. 


Apple develops iOS; therefore, it is more regulated than Android, which Linux develops. 

The iOS system makes the apps run smoothly, which is convenient for the user. This system keeps getting updated and developed frequently.

 With every new iPhone, iOS is updated to improve the user experience. These can be updated on the messaging app, notification system, or Apple pay.

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