Google Voice vs. Vonage – Comparison and Differences

Google Voice and Vonage are similar because they are cloud-based communication solutions. Businesses and individuals make international calls cheaper through one unique phone number. Compared to traditional calling services, Google Voice and Vonage offer better communication solutions. However, each has its unique features, influencing a customer’s choice. 

One key difference is that Vonage replaces the traditional landline phone system. On the other hand, Google Voice has a different design. Despite being excellent Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services, your selection of either Google Voice or Vonage depends on the budget and features you need for personal or business use. 

How does Google Voice work?

Google Voice is an excellent VoIP service, which depends on the internet to function. Making calls and text messages is easy if you have an internet connection. Google Voice does not need complicated aspects to function. A microphone and speaker are all it takes. Therefore, Google Voice functions on laptops and smartphones (Android or iPhone). 

It’s extremely affordable to use Google Voice. First off, signing up for Google Voice is free. However, it is mandatory to have a Google account. Calls and messages won’t cost any money if the communication is between your Google Voice number and US numbers. International calls require credits to pay for the service. Nonetheless, the money you spend is not equal to ordinary phone service costs. 

After signing up, choose to use your number or select a different number from the list provided (vanity numbers are also available for businesses). Besides, you can input your favorite number to see if it is available. Create a voicemail message once you get the Google Voice number. Every voicemail goes straight to the application on your phone or laptop, and the transcript goes to your email. 

Nothing is stopping you from making phone calls and writing text messages at this point. 

Syncing your personal contact with Google Voice alerts you whenever someone tries to call that number. Although the call alert came through your personal number, there is an option to call back with the Google Voice number showing. 

Key features of Google Voice include:

  • Usage reporting 
  • Call forwarding
  • Private branch exchange 
  • Contact management 
  • Blocking spam calls and messages 
  • Personalized voicemail greetings 
  • Low rates for international calls 

Google Voice is excellent for individuals and businesses alike. With automated attendants, directing calls to the correct departments in your organization becomes easier. For individuals, call forwarding to your laptop allows you to focus on work without picking up your phone to check who is calling. 

In other situations, linking Google Voice with your calendar allows calls to be sent to voicemail when you are out of the office. Google Voice is also useful if you travel frequently. This way, there’s no need to change phone numbers or bounce around different carriers because calls can happen through the internet. 

How does Vonage work?

Vonage is a cloud-based VoIP phone system. It performs several functions, including texting, handling phone calls, and video conferencing. Vonage has over 40 features that individuals, companies, or organizations useable. Additionally, Vonage has downloadable applications for iOS and Android, meaning employees have full access regardless of location. 

The 99.99% uptime makes Voyage perfect for office use. The service is reliable, and disruptions are avoidable. Vonage has a voicemail system and another backup option for calls in case of any issues. Vonage fosters team collaboration since communication is possible through a single interface. Apart from business phone services, Vonage provides contact center solutions. 

Several developers use Vonage’s API (Application Program Interfaces) for communication system customizations their companies need.

Key features of Vonage include:

  • Call announcing 
  • Call and message screening 
  • Do not disturb feature
  • Affordable price plans 
  • Multi-device provisions on a single extension 
  • Call management through the admin portal 
  • Desktop plugins for personalization 
  • Built-in fail-safe tools 

Vonage allows contact integrations from Google Outlook and CRM systems, unlike other communication solutions that do not accommodate software integration. Typical Vonage customers include small and mid-sized businesses, freelancers, and large enterprises.  

Google Voice vs. Vonage – Comparison

Google Voice and Vonage are both cloud-based. These two communication solutions make it easy and pocket-friendly to make international calls. Moreover, they handle text messages and voicemails to ensure everything runs smoothly. All that is needed is a reliable internet connection and able staff to handle the nitty-gritty as Google Voice and Vonage do the rest. 

The main difference between Vonage and Google Voice is that the former requires a special adapter or application to receive and make calls. Google Voice does not require users to install any equipment. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison between Google Voice and Vonage

Google Voice Vonage
It has cheaper and better-priced plans Packages are more expensive  
Offers standard features It has advanced features, like better video conferencing 
Best services and deals for small companies and businesses Services are best-suited for larger businesses and companies 
Integration services across all plans Only the expensive plans accommodate other systems like CRM 


Google Voice offers three price plans for its customers. The Voice Starter at $10, Voice Standard at $20, and Voice Premium at $30 per user or month. On the other hand, Vonage is more expensive since the plans cost $19.99 for Vonage Mobile, $29.99 for Vonage Premium, and $39.99 for Vonage Advanced per line or month. 

When choosing between Google Voice and Vonage, the size of your organization matters. Small businesses get better services and deals from Google Voice compared to Vonage. 

Vonage cuts costs up to 36% compared to traditional phone calls. However, smaller businesses pay more when they use the service. The more the employees, the cheaper the priced plans. Google Voice gives more accommodative prices for smaller businesses with ten people or less. 

Advanced features 

Google Voice has call management features ranging from call forwarding to contact management and voicemail transcription. While the Google Voice features offer great business functionality, Vonage goes up a notch by offering more than 40 features. As such, Vonage is considered a good google alternative for your business.

On top of the usual text messaging and phone call options, Vonage has the do not disturb feature and call management through an admin portal. Moreover, Vonage’s cloud-based conferencing is in conjunction with Amazon Prime. 

Although Google Voice also has conferencing features, companies do not need to purchase expensive hardware to have a smooth video call via Vonage. Involved parties can enter the video call by simply clicking a button.  

Integrations with other technology 

Google Voice integrates great with Google Hangouts, G Suite, and Google Calendar. Such integration assists companies in doing proper planning and scheduling, especially for virtual meetings. Google Voice also has a text-to-speech ability, transcribing voicemails and sending them to your email. 

Undeniably, Vonage also integrates with other technology, such as CRM systems and Google Outlook (for contact integration). However, these features cost more since they belong to the most expensive Vonage plan. 

Simply put, the long-term outlook for integrations is much better for Google Voice than for Vonage. 

Both Google Voice and Vonage are improved alternatives to traditional phone calls. They are reliable and provide users with the best experience due to their enhanced features. 

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Does Vonage work with Google Voice?

Vonage does not work with Google Voice because they are industry rivals. Besides, number porting on Google Voice is unavailable for landline numbers and corporate mobile numbers. In this case, Google Voice considers your Vonage number a landline number. 

However, there is a way around it. Do not cancel the Vonage account. Clear all outstanding balances and ensure the account details are similar for Vonage and Google Voice. When you ask Vonage to port your number, they will transfer you to third-party verification. At this step, enter your Google Voice account details. 

Upon verification, the porting process takes about three to five business days. If the porting fails, Vonage will email to explain why. The services offered by Google Voice are similar to those given by Vonage. There are slight differences, but working with both simultaneously is impossible. 

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Is there anything better than Google Voice?

Google Voice offers excellent services for small and large businesses alike. However, other google voice alternatives exist to offer more features and better functionality. Individuals also have different price points, so looking at other options is good. 


Grasshopper is a virtual phone app that works best for small businesses. It offers a professional phone number, usable on cell phones and landlines. 


  • Sending fax as a PDF attachment via email
  • Making and receiving calls using a desktop or mobile  
  • Recording special welcome messages for customers 


Ooma is a cloud-based system that does not require software to use. It is very similar to Google Voice by offering voicemail call distribution, to mention a few. 


  • Call management through smartphones 
  • Local and toll-free numbers 
  • 24/7 customer support 

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RingCentral is an excellent tool for video conferencing, team messaging, and cloud phone services. 


  • HD quality web and video conferencing. 
  • Online incoming and outgoing fax management. 
  • International virtual numbers are available in 100+ countries. 


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