A Boundaryless Organization(Structure + Characteristics)

Organizations are entities with internal boundaries that separate management from employees or departments between each other and external boundaries that define their geographic reach and separate a company from its customers and suppliers. However, other organizations that thrive within shifting markets, rapidly changing technologies, and a new environment of global competition is boundaryless. I’ll help […]

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Effective Advertising; Guidelines for Success

Advertising is a commonly used strategy in brand marketing and promotion. However, not all advertising campaigns deliver the desired results.  For an ad campaign to be successful, you must consider the essentials of effective advertising and the guidelines for effective advertisements. Essentials of effective advertising An effective advertisement should contain the following essentials: i. Provides

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Management Theories and Their Applications

The concept of management has been around for centuries. The fundamental approaches to management date back to around 2000 years before the birth of Christ, according to Rogers, Pindur, and Kim (1995). The Industrial Revolution and mass production brought the factory system’s growth, bringing large concentrations of raw materials and workers together, posing a challenge

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Who benefits most from commercial advertisements?

What is Benefits of Commercial ?

With digital marketing options such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-Click, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing going viral, small business owners are left wondering whether commercial advertising is relevant. Broadcasting on radio and television still comes with benefits, but whether this traditional advertising media strategy is right for you requires analysis. Therefore, this

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Who is Responsible if a Storage Unit gets Broken Into

The security of a storage facility is of utmost importance because the items stored are at risk of theft or damage. Although most facilities provide adequate security features, they are often broken into. The responsibility of taking care of the belongings depends on the contract and the state laws.  Both the storage facility company and

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